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How are deals ordered in the pipeline view?

Jenny Takahara, June 28, 2022

One of the main characteristics of Pipedrive is to help you close your deals through the activity-based pipeline functions.

To help keep track of your activities, the pipeline view of your Pipedrive app organizes your deals by the priority of that deal's next-scheduled activity.

We organize your deals to show the deal that requires your immediate attention, depending on the activity you have scheduled for that deal.


Deals in the pipeline view are displayed in the following order:

  • Deals with a red icon have an overdue activity. This activity should be marked as "Done" (if already completed) so that you can schedule another activity and continue working to close that deal.
  • Deals with a green icon have an activity that is scheduled for later today, allowing you to see what deals will require your attention soon. You should make sure to do the necessary task and mark it as done in Pipedrive when completed.
  • Deals with a yellow icon do not yet have an activity scheduled. We suggest scheduling an activity so that you can effectively track the progress of your steps to closing the deal.
  • Deals with a grey icon have an activity scheduled for the future. Since the activity is scheduled for a time in the future, we do not draw your attention to it, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks.

If more than one deal falls under a certain activity status (e.g., two deals with no planned activities), only the deals with this status will be sorted in the descending order of their creation time, with the newest deals showing first.

Note: Some Pipedrive users may prefer to label their deals as "High Priority" or "Low Priority" by using a single-option custom field. To create a deal-specific custom field, we suggest reading about our custom fields in this article.
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