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How are emails threaded in Pipedrive?

Jenny Takahara, July 30, 2021
Note: The Email Sync feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive's Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

Email threads are Pipedrive's way of showing you the full email conversation you've had with specific participants. If you have the Email Sync enabled with Pipedrive's Advanced plan, the emails you send and receive will be automatically put into threads within the Pipedrive Mail tab.
To ensure this works smoothly and as intended, we highly recommend you send emails from within the Pipedrive app using Email Sync.

Emails will be threaded together in Pipedrive if the system detects emails that fulfill two conditions:

  • If the emails have matching subject lines.
  • If the emails have two or more matching participants, including the sender, receiver, and anyone cc’d.

Once emails have been threaded together, they can only be linked to one deal and contact person.

Email one:
Jenny at [email protected] sends an email called “How Pipedrive can help your company” to a potential customer named Ryan at [email protected], and bcc’s her manager Michael at [email protected]

Email two:
Jenny at [email protected] sends out an email called “How Pipedrive can help your company” to another potential customer named Julian at [email protected], and also bcc’s her manager Michael at [email protected]

These emails will now be threaded together, because they have the same
subject line (“How Pipedrive can help your company”, and two of the same participants (Jenny and her manager Michael), even though they were sent out to two separate customers at two separate times.

Once emails are threaded together, they can no longer be unthreaded. To prevent emails from being threaded together moving forward we recommend the following:

  • Ensuring that the emails sent out have unique subject lines— This can be done by adding the name of the person contact or organization to personalize the email sent out.
  • Sending emails out from Pipedrive with the Email Sync feature— Emails sent from Pipedrive’s Email Sync feature's email composer will not be threaded together, and can then be linked to separate deals and contacts.
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