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Creating a custom currency
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How can I create a custom currency?

Jenny Takahara, October 3, 2023

Pipedrive can be customized to use any monetary system of your choice, from dollars and euros to Tanzanian shillings.

Creating a custom currency

Go to Settings > Company settings > Currencies.

Click the “Add custom currency button to create a new currency.

Enter the name and display unit for your currency, and Pipedrive will assign a unique code to it.

You can also specify the decimal value, such as ฿0.30048000 or $125.17.

When you’ve provided all of the relevant information, click “Save.”

Note: You can click “Get a different code” to generate a new code, but you can’t enter a code manually.

Viewing your custom currency

You can see your custom currency in a few places in your Pipedrive account.

  • In the add deal modal, you can choose a custom currency to calculate that deal’s value.
  • In the deal detail view, click the edit button next to your deal value and select your currency from the dropdown.
  • In the currencies list, you can see, edit or deactivate your custom currency.
Note: Click “Deactivated” on the currencies page to view and reactivate your deactivated currencies.

Changing custom currency to default

Go to Settings > Personal preferences > Account and find the default currency dropdown.

From there, select your custom currency and click Save.”

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