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How can I create a custom currency?

Jenny Takahara, April 15, 2024

Pipedrive can be customized to use any monetary system of your choice, from dollars and euros to Tanzanian shillings.

Creating a custom currency

Go to Company settings > Currencies and click “+ Custom currency” to create a new currency.

Enter the name and symbol for your currency, and Pipedrive will assign a unique code to it.

You can also specify the decimal value (i.e. ฿0.30048000 or $125.17.)

When you’ve provided all of the relevant information, click “Save.”

Note: You can click “Get a different code” to generate a new code, but you can’t enter a code manually.

Viewing and changing your custom currency

You can see your custom currency in several places in your Pipedrive account:

  • Lead, deal and product add modals
  • Detail views
  • Webforms and automations

In the add deal modal, you can choose any currency to calculate that deal’s value.

In the deal detail view, click the pencil icon next to your deal value to edit your currency.

Then use the dropdown menu to choose your desired currency and click ”Save.“

You can also view your custom currency from the currency tab in your settings. Custom currencies always appear above the default currencies in this view.

Deactivating and reactivating custom currencies

To deactivate a custom currency, go to your currencies tab and click ”...“ > Deactivate.

You can also reactivate a currency by clicking ”Deactivated“ to open your list of deactivated currencies, then ”...“ > Reactivate.

Changing custom currency to default

Go to Settings > Personal preferences > Account and find the default currency dropdown.

From there, select your custom currency and click Save.”

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