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How can I edit the deal won time?

Jenny Takahara, June 20, 2024
Note: This action is only available to users with deals admin permissions enabled.

A deal is marked as WON when it’s closed and a sale was made, or the intended marketing goal was met. If you prematurely mark a deal as won, you may want to change the won time for that deal later on.

There are two locations in Pipedrive where you can change a deal’s won time.

Deal detail view

To edit a deal’s won time in the detail view, click the pencil icon next to won time under details.

That will open a calendar view where you’ll select the desired date, then click “Save.”

Deal list view

To change a deal’s won time in the list view, start by editing your columns to include won time.

After you add the won time column, edit the date by clicking the pencil icon next to the won time value.

Select your desired date from the calendar view, then click “Save.”

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