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How can I link products to a deal?

Jenny Takahara, September 14, 2021

Note: The Products feature is available in the Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To switch plans, go to your Billing tab.

Adding products to deals

You can add products directly to deals in the Products List View by clicking on the checkbox next to a product and then clicking on the Attach to deal... button. You can select more than one product if you want to bulk add products to a deal.


In the window that appears, enter the title of the deal that you want to link your product to. The price and currency will default to the price you have saved in your product, but you can customize this to another currency and price before linking it to the deal.


Note: Any custom prices created in this window will only apply for that deal and not be saved as a price entry in the Product's detail/list view.

Click on Add a new line to attach more than one product to the chosen deal at a time.
You can disable or enable the product by clicking on the checkbox at the left of each entry as well as add a note for each product entry.


If you click on the '...' button you can add a discount to your product, remove your product, or click through to your product's detail page.


Another way of linking products to deals is by clicking on Add products to any deal's detail view.


Tax options

Tax inclusive

If you select Tax inclusive for your products, the tax will already be included in the subtotal, according to the percentage you enter into the Tax field.


No tax

If you select No tax for your products, no tax will be added to your product total.


Note: Each deal can only have products in one type of currency (e.g. USD or CAD, not both). If you wish to add a variation of the product in the same type of currency, you can look into the Price Variations feature.

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