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How can I propose my general availability in the Scheduler?

Breandan Flood, March 19, 2024
Note: The Scheduler feature is only available on Advanced and higher plans.

If you want your customers to book time with you in a window of their choice, you can use the set availability option in the Scheduler and provide your preferences.

Creating new availability

To add your Scheduler availability, go to Activities > Meeting scheduler > Manage availability.

From there, select “Create new availability,” then click the “+” below any day to add available hours.

You can also add your:

  • Meeting duration
  • Availability duration
  • Available hours by day
When adding your hours, you can copy hours from one day to others while editing:
Use the buffer and time settings to customize how far in advance people can book your time and how much time you have before and after appointments.

After you’ve added your details, click “Continue to meeting details” to move to the next window.

Here you can customize the message your Scheduler recipients receive when they book an appointment. This includes:

  • The name, location and description of your meeting
  • Whether the appointment is via video call, and if so, which video conferencing service
  • Required fields for the recipient to fill in
  • Optional footer text

You can also choose how scheduled appointments are saved as activities on your Pipedrive calendar.

When you’re finished, click “Share as link” and a shareable link will be created for your availability. You’ll also see that availability listed in your general availability section:

Managing availability

It’s important to make sure the times you make yourself available are optimal for your workflow. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • How long should each meeting be?
    The length of available slots can vary from day to day, so be mindful of how long the appointment slots you create are.
  • When is this availability active?
    Remember any holidays or scheduled days off where normal availability won’t apply, so clients don’t book appointments when you’re not around.
  • What are these meetings about?
    The nature of a meeting can impact how much time should be allocated, and whether you’ll need buffer time beforehand.

After an appointment slot has been booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email:

You can click “Open in Pipedrive” to see the new activity created in your account for the appointment.

You can edit the activity details here, but edits made to the activity won’t be reflected in the appointment link.

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