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How can I reassign items owned by one user to another user?

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022

If a salesperson is leaving their position but still has open deals, it's a good idea to assign those deals to another salesperson. You can do this in bulk to save time using the following method.

To begin, go to the "Filter" button in the deals tab of your Pipedrive app, and go to "Owners". Select the user whose deals you wish to reassign. If you've already deactivated the current deal owner, click here for instructions.


Select every deal in this list by clicking the checkbox in the upper left. When the bulk edit panel appears, find and select the "Owner" option, and select "Replace existing value with..." in the dropdown menu.


In the following dropdown list, choose the user that you wish to now own these deals and click "Update" to finalize this change.

And that's it! You've successfully changed the deal owner.

Note: The steps above only reassign the ownership of the deals owned by that user. In order to reassign the ownership of people or organization contacts, the same steps would need to be completed in the contacts – people and contacts – organizations tabs as well.

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