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To enable probability for the deals in your Pipedrive stages
How does deal probability appear in Pipedrive?

How can I set deal probability?

Jenny Takahara, June 16, 2022
Note: This action is only available to admin users.

Probability in Pipedrive is the likelihood that a deal will be successfully closed and that the deal's value will be added to your company's income.
By programming probability for each deal in your pipeline, you can customize probability based on your specific insight for each deal, and have the most detailed idea of how much income your company is likely to receive.

To enable probability for the deals in your Pipedrive stages

  • Go to the pipeline view and click on the pencil icon, or select "Edit pipeline" from the pipeline dropdown.
  • Enable the "Deal probability" flag above your pipeline stages.
  • Click "Save".

Once enabled, the deal probability field will appear in the Add deal modal, allowing you to program it at deal creation.


Deal probability can also be added (or edited) through the import process.
This can be done by mapping the Deal – Probability field to the appropriate column in your imported spreadsheet.
To learn more about importing spreadsheets, click here.

Note: Programming probability for a specific deal will overwrite any probability set for the stage that the deal currently resides in.

How does deal probability appear in Pipedrive?

When those probability percentages are programmed, the summary of the deals in specific stages is displayed as a percentage of the total value of the deals in that stage. As this information is important for understanding the percentage summary in your pipeline, we display this in several ways.

In the detail view of a deal that has a specific deal probability.


In the pipeline view of your deals tab.


And in the list view of your deals tab.

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