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How to set deal probability
How deal probability appears in Pipedrive

How can I set deal probability?

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023
Note: This action is only available to deals admin users or regular users with the assigned permission.

Probability in Pipedrive is the likelihood of winning a deal and adding its value to your company’s income.

You can customize the probability of any deal to see how much income your company is likely to generate.

How to set deal probability

Note: Deal probability will overwrite the stage probability for whichever stage the deal is in.

Go to the detail view of a deal, and select “Set deal probability” from the Summary section of your left sidebar.

Then add an integer between zero and 100. If your probability exceeds 100, you’ll see this window:

Note: Deal probability can be added (or edited) through the import process by mapping the Deal – Probability field to the appropriate column in your imported spreadsheet. To learn more about importing spreadsheets, check out this article.

How deal probability appears in Pipedrive

When the probability is programmed, the percentage and deal value can be seen in several locations.

  • In the detail view of a deal that has a set deal probability.
  • In the pipeline view of your deals tab, you can see the probability as well as the total and weighted values for the deal.
  • And in the list view of your deals tab.
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