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Setting up your email sync
Choosing which emails to sync over from your email provider

How can I set up the email sync?

Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022
Note: The email sync feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans.

Setting up your email sync

  • Go to Personal preferences > Email sync.
  • Click the "Add new account" button.
  • You will be directed to a new webpage and prompted to provide the login credentials of the account you want to sync to Pipedrive.

If you are asked to provide your IMAP and SMTP port information, we suggest learning more here.
Once connected, you will be asked to specify which emails should be synced to Pipedrive.

Choosing which emails to sync over from your email provider

Note: These options are only available when the email sync is first initialized – so choose carefully.


This is the setting for all future emails synced over to your Pipedrive inbox.

  • All emails will be synced with Pipedrive
    Every email in the account – both incoming and sent – will be synced to Pipedrive.
  • Only emails with certain labels will be synced with Pipedrive
    When chosen, this will let you choose from the labels in your synced email address and choose which to sync to your Pipedrive account.

This will be the setting for when to start syncing emails over to your Pipedrive inbox.

  • If Now is chosen, no historical emails will be synced, but any emails going forward will be synced.
  • If 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months is chosen as the starting point for your past sync, you will be given the option to sync over emails from either All people or from Pipedrive contacts only.

This option will only show up if you select "1 month", "3 months" or "6 months" as the starting point under the Sync starting from option.

  • Pipedrive contacts only
    This option will sync over all emails that have an email address associated with a Pipedrive contact that already exists in your Pipedrive account. Syncing over emails from "Pipedrive contacts only" is only an option for setting up the initial past sync. For emails going forward and any re-syncs, you will only be able to sync all emails or emails under certain labels.
  • All people
    This option will sync over all emails from all of your contacts, regardless if they already have a linked Pipedrive contact.

Click the "Start syncing" button to begin the syncing process!

Note: Emails will begin syncing into your account immediately, but may take some time to finish depending on the expected volume.
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