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How do I open my browser console?

Jenny Takahara, August 3, 2021

When working with Pipedrive support, you may be asked for screenshots of your browser console and network information for future troubleshooting. We have provided some information on how to retrieve the correct information necessary to facilitate this process.

Note: In order for our team to troubleshoot effectively, please make sure that the screenshot is of the full page, and that all error messages are displayed.

Browser Console Information

The browser console will provide information on any webpage errors that may not have been seen on the Pipedrive end.

To open up the browser console on most browsers you can:

  • Right-click your mouse
  • Click on Inspect/Inspect Element
  • Click on Console

When taking the screenshot of the browser console, make sure to include any error messages you see.

Note: Please make sure that the Console tab is selected when taking the screenshot.


For additional information on how to open your browser console, click here.

Browser Network Information

The browser network information will provide essential information on any internet connection issues that may be causing the errors.

To open up your network tab on most browsers you can:

  • Right-click your mouse
  • Click on Inspect/Inspect Element
  • Click on Network

After switching to the Network tab, reload the page to record the Network activity in the Network log before taking the screenshot.


When taking a screenshot of the browser network tab, please make sure to capture any errors that you may see.

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