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How is data backed up in Pipedrive?

Breandan Flood, November 22, 2022

How is the data in Pipedrive stored? How reliable are the backups of users’ data?

  • Pipedrive has database replicas that sync the databases in real time. This means that, if something should happen to one of the main database machines, the backup can be switched to quickly ensure continuity of service and no loss of data.
  • Pipedrive conducts nightly complete backups of all the database machines. These backups can be used to recover data in the event of data corruption. This is used in the event that the database machines are intact, but the data has somehow been corrupted in both the main machines and the replicas.
  • Pipedrive also creates nightly backup files of all the customer databases, encrypts them and stores them securely off-site.

To create a local Pipedrive data backup, simply go to "..." (More) > Export data from the left sidebar menu. From there, generate a spreadsheet of the information you wish to export and then download it to your computer.

Note: All data deleted by the users is permanently deleted 30 days after deletion. Recovery of user deleted data is only possible within those 30 days.
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