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How to make a field important
Where do Important Fields appear?

Important Fields

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022
Note: The Important Fields feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

In sales, teams that have the most relevant information at their fingertips are able to act quicker, speak more confidently and produce effective results. Getting that information is simple, but how will you know when you have gaps in your knowledge?

With Pipedrive's Important Fields feature, you'll be able to see when you have data missing from your most vital fields in Pipedrive, so you can go get that information and close that deal.

How to make a field important

To begin, go to Settings > Data fields to begin utilizing the Important Fields feature.

In this feature, you will find a list of relevant Pipedrive fields that can be categorized as being important for your company account. Once you toggle the feature on for a field, click the gear icon to customize which pipeline or stage should have the configuration for your important fields.

The custom fields in your Pipedrive account can also be configured as important fields, allowing you to better customize your account to truly fit your needs. For more information on creating custom fields, click here.

Important Fields

For example, if obtaining the value of a deal is a task that must be done before a deal goes beyond the first stage of your pipeline, make sure to mark the value field as important for every stage except the first stage.
That way, if the deal progresses into a further stage without having any value, you will have a visual reminder to acquire that information. You can also select which pipelines and stages you would like to have your important fields in.


Where do Important Fields appear?

When you have enabled Important fields in your Pipedrive account, the detail view will contain a new IMPORTANT FIELDS section.

That section will inform you about which fields that have been marked as important do not have information within them.


This allows you to recognize the information you are missing, which is the first step to filling in the necessary information and giving your team the tools they need to succeed.


When the Important Fields feature has been enabled and set for fields in your Pipedrive account, you may notice a flag in the detail view, informing you that important fields are missing data.


This notice is there to inform you that the fields listed under that heading have been marked as "important" for the stage and pipeline that the deal resides in and that those fields are currently missing data.
To fix this, simply provide valuable data that should go into those fields and keep working on closing those deals.

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