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Importing: mandatory fields

Jenny Takahara, June 21, 2022

When importing data to Pipedrive from a spreadsheet, it's important to include the fields that are mandatory for each item to be imported successfully. This article takes you through which fields are mandatory for importing. If you would like more general information on how to import data to Pipedrive, you can read this article.

Note: If you don't import your data with the mandatory fields, no items will be created and a skip file will be generated.


Every lead in Pipedrive needs to have either a contact person or organization linked to it. To import a lead, you will need the lead title and one of the following in your spreadsheet:

  • Person name
  • Organization name

Note: If your contact names are in one column (as shown above), use the person name field when mapping your import. If the names are separated by first and last name into separate columns, map the first name and last name fields in Pipedrive.

When mapping your import, you will have to map your spreadsheet columns to the Pipedrive data fields. Once the import is complete, your leads will be automatically linked to your contacts.


What other fields can I include with my leads import?

You can also import a note or owner along with your leads.


Similar to leads, every deal in Pipedrive needs to have either a contact person or organization linked to it. To Import a deal, you will need one of the following in your spreadsheet:

  • Any deal field
  • Person name
  • Organization name

We recommend including the deal title field, but it is not mandatory. If you do not include a deal title, the deal will automatically take the name of the contact that it is imported with.


What other fields can I include with my deals import?

You can also include the following deal fields:

  • Owner
  • Stage
  • Value
  • Expected close date
  • Any custom fields

If you are importing a historic deal or a deal that has already been closed, you can use the following fields:

  • Won time
  • Lost time
  • Status
Note: To import a deal, you don't necessarily need to have a deal title in your spreadsheet. If you want to create deals for each person or organization, you just need to create an empty column in your spreadsheet for the deal titles. Make sure this empty column is mapped to the Deal-Title field.
When imported, the deal's titles will automatically take the name of the organization. If there is no organization, it will take the name of the contact person.

Contacts: people and organizations

When importing people or organizations, only the name is mandatory for successful contact creation. However, it is recommended to add more fields to better identify your contact and avoid duplications from being created. Learn more about how Pipedrive detects duplicates during importing in this article.

For people, add the following to prevent duplicates from being created:

  • email address
  • Phone number

For organizations, include the following to prevent duplicates from being created:

  • Address

Organizations and people can be created separately, but we recommend importing them together to automatically link them.

Note: Red in the above images represents a mandatory field.


To import a product, you will just need the product name in your spreadsheet.


What other fields can I include with my product import?

You can also include other product fields such as price, currency, description and any custom fields.

Note: Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to link products to deals through an import. You can only link a product to a deal when your data has already been imported into Pipedrive.


Notes can be added under deals, people, organizations, activities and leads, and cannot exist by themselves. When importing a note, you have to also include information of one of the following (and their mandatory fields):

  • Organization
  • Person
  • Deal
  • Lead


What are other note fields I can include?

You can add the following fields for notes:

  • Note creation date
  • Note update date


For the time being, activities don't have any mandatory fields. However, it is recommended to include information such as the subject, due date, type and assigned to user, as well as any linked deals, leads, or contacts.


If your activity has already been completed, you can include the following historical fields:

  • Done time
  • Marked as done time
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