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LeadBooster add-on

Breandan Flood, November 1, 2023
Note: You must have an active Pipedrive account to use the Leadbooster add-on. LeadBooster add-on users receive full, unlimited access to Scheduler.

LeadBooster is a paid Pipedrive add-on, focusing solely on lead acquisition, management and conversion. It includes multiple features created to capture high-quality inbound and outbound leads before they drift elsewhere.

Once the LeadBooster add-on has been added to your subscription, you can view the features under the Leads Inbox in your account.

What is included?

Note: Web Visitors is not included in the LeadBooster add-on package and must be purchased separately.

The LeadBooster add-on includes four amazing tools for you to maximize your leads:

  • Chatbot
  • Live Chat
  • Prospector
  • Web Forms


Note: Learn more about Chatbot in this article.

The Chatbot is a tool that allows your customers to better qualify themselves as potential customers of your company.

You can set up a Chatbot on your website and use a playbook to acquire lead information to create leads, deals or people in your account based on the chat.

Live Chat

Note: Learn more about Live Chat in this article.

The Live Chat feature is part of your Chatbot playbook flow that allows you and your team to chat directly with your website visitors and personalize your lead qualification process.

Web Forms

Note: You can learn more about Web Forms in this article.

With Web Forms, you can create your own personalized, embeddable forms for your website to collect your visitors’ information and funnel them into Pipedrive as deals or leads.


Note: You can learn more about Prospector in this article.

The Prospector feature is an outbound lead generation tool that helps you find new leads from a database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies.

Once you create target customers using filters like job title, location and industry, the tool reveals the leads that best match your search criteria.

If you want to purchase more Prospector lead credits, the cost depends on the number of credits you want. You can check the price of adding lead credits in this article.

How much does LeadBooster cost?

Note: Learn more about Pipedrive pricing on our website.

The cost of Leadbooster varies based on the payment frequency you choose:

  • LeadBooster costs $39 per month per company on the monthly plan.
  • LeadBooster costs $32.50 per month per company on the annual plan ($390 due at purchase.)

This is a recurring charge that occurs at the same time as your Pipedrive subscription renewal.

Note: You’ll receive 10 Prospector credits when you subscribe to Leadbooster, but additional Prospector credits are charged separately from your Leadbooster subscription.
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