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Live Chat

Jenny Takahara, May 30, 2023
Note: Live Chat is included in the LeadBooster add-on and cannot be purchased separately.

The Live Chat feature is a functionality added to your Chatbot playbook flow that will allow you to engage directly with your website visitors, personalize your lead qualification process and qualify them as you talk.

We'll notify you on any device the moment a chat is requested, so you can now react quicker to engaged web visitors and convert more leads to customers.

Accessing Live Chat

You can add the Live Chat functionality to an existing Chatbot playbook or create a new playbook with the Live Chat template. You can access the Live Chat feature in two locations:

By going to Leads >Chatbot, where you can add a new playbook or add a Live Chat card to an existing playbook.


By going to Leads > Live Chat > Configure Live Chat and creating a new playbook with the Live Chat template or selecting an existing playbook.


Configuring the Live Chat

Note: This action is only available to admin users.

If you are setting up a new Live Chat playbook, you will be prompted to customize the bot's colors, icon and language as you would a regular Chatbot playbook.

When you get to the conversation template page, click on Chat with your leads to set up the Live Chat template.

Note: Each playbook pathway can only have one Live Chat card.

You can set up the other Chatbot pathways as you would a typical Chatbot playbook. Learn how to customize the behavior in this article.

The first card you see in the Live Chat pathway is the behavior of your Chatbot if the visitor chooses to speak to someone. The text of the Live Chat pathway can be changed by clicking on the question card that prompts users to select a path.


The Chatbot chat will move into the Live Chat flow if there is at least one Pipedrive user online. If there are no users online, the chat will be automatically brought to the offline mode flow that appears under your Live Chat card.

  • Online message – This is the message that will be shown to visitors if there is at least one user online available to take the chat.
  • Waiting time – The amount of time that the visitor will wait for a Pipedrive user to pick up the chat. In this amount of time, a Pipedrive user will have to go into the Unassigned folder, pick up this chat and assign it to themself in order for the chat to proceed.
  • Offline message – If the chat isn't picked up in the time configured in the Waiting time, visitors will be shown this message and brought to the offline mode flow.

Offline mode

It's important to capture interested visitors even if no Pipedrive users are online to take the chat. If all users are offline, you can set up your offline flow to qualify or disqualify the lead and create actionable follow-up items in your Pipedrive account such as activities, leads, or deals.
You can read about how to set up capture cards for your qualified leads in this article.

Once the Live Chat playbook is set to active and installed on your website, you can go over to your Live Chat inbox and wait for your website visitors to start chatting with you.

Managing your conversations

When in the Live Chat inbox, you will have to set yourself online in the bottom-left corner to start receiving chats.


Once a website visitor goes through the Chatbot flow and selects the response that will trigger the Live Chat flow, a conversation will be created and added to the Unassigned folder on your Live Chat page.



After you assign it to yourself, the conversation will show under My Conversations. You can then start chatting with your visitor.

In the visitor's chat window, it will show that the Pipedrive user who picked up the chat has joined the window. The default name of your Chatbot will be updated to reflect the name of this Pipedrive user.

Note: Once a user has assigned a conversation to themselves, it will no longer be visible to other users unless the chat is reassigned or closed.

Reassigning the chat

You can also reassign or assign the chat to other users who are currently online if another user is better suited to handle the chat. Once the chat is reassigned, it will disappear from your conversations folder and appear under the other user's folder.


Collecting user information

You can chat with the visitors freely according to your qualifications criteria. As you collect their information, you can easily add it to the Details side panel.

You can add the deal value, person and organization details and notes.


If the visitor qualifies as a sale that you would like to pursue further, you can create a lead or deal from the details by clicking on the "Create lead" or "..." button. Any created items will appear under the Created end results section under the details of the conversation.

Close conversations

Once you've finished qualifying your visitor, you can close the conversation to end the chat.


All closed conversations will show up under the Closed Conversations folder and be visible to all users. Once a conversation is moved to the Closed Conversations folder, it can no longer be reassigned or reopened. However, you still be able to create leads or deals from closed conversations.


Desktop notifications

When first accessing your Live Chat, you will be prompted to allow for desktop notifications so you will be notified whenever there is a new chat.


You will get a notification when the following occurs:

  • A new conversation is added to the unassigned folder
  • New message from a conversation assigned to you
  • Assignment of a new conversation


To make additional updates to your Live Chat desktop notifications, you will have to go into the desktop notifications setting of your browser.

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