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Note scanner in the mobile app

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023
Note: The note scanner feature is only available on Android devices. The minimum OS version required to install the mobile app is 9+ for Android devices.

Handwriting notes during your workday is still widespread. To save you time typing up your notes afterward, Pipedrive has a note scanner, which allows you to transcribe handwritten or typed text directly into the app, so all you need to do is edit what you would like to add to your Pipedrive deal or contact.

How it works

When you open the app, go to the deal or contact you would like to add the note to. Click on the plus sign (+) and select "Add a note".

At the bottom of the note, click on the scanning option. You can then focus your camera on your note and click to take a picture. Click "OK" if the image is clear and it will be scanned as a note.

Note: You will need to allow the Pipedrive app access to your images in order to use this feature.

Make any edits or spelling changes to your note that you want and it will be saved to your deal or contact.

Note: The note scanner currently does not work for activity notes.
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