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Projects: billing and subscription

Steven Reinartz, November 2, 2023
Note: You must be an account settings admin to purchase and assign Projects seats.

Projects is a paid add-on that helps you to organize and manage your deals during and after they are won, in conjunction with other deals, activities or tasks that need to be completed. You can create tasks and subtasks, move your projects through a kanban style board, and link relevant contacts and activities.

You can find more about what the Projects feature offers here.

How much does Projects cost?

Note: The Projects feature is priced per seat, meaning any user who wants access to the feature must either purchase it for themselves or have it assigned to them after their company purchases it.
  • The Projects feature is $8/month on a monthly subscription or $80/year on an annual subscription.
  • This is a recurring charge alongside your existing Pipedrive payment
  • If you purchase multiple Projects seats, you’ll be charged [number of seats] x $8 (or a one-time $80 charge per seat annually.)
  • A user must have a paid Deals seat to be assigned a Projects seat
  • If you don’t have Projects app permissions, you can still view project data linked to accessible deals and contacts. Users don’t need a Projects seat to view Projects data if it's linked to another item they can access.

How can I pay for Projects?

Note: The Projects feature can be purchased as an add-on for Professional accounts or lower, but comes standard on Power and Enterprise plans.

If you are new to Projects, you can navigate to the feature from the navigation bar, where you will see an option to start a free trial.

Note: The free trial period lasts 14 days. If the feature hasn’t been cancelled after the free trial period ends, payments will begin on the 15th day.

If you’re an account settings admin, you can purchase seats for other users by navigating to Settings > Manage Users. Then, click the “...” next to the user you want to grant Projects access to, and click edit access rights.

You can select the Projects app box, which will grant the selected user access to the feature. If you do not have available seats, you will be charged for a new seat after confirming the changes.

You can also see how many available Projects seats you have under Users and access.

Note: You can remove project seats from your Billing section.
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