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Search: finding what you need

Jenny Takahara, June 20, 2022

The search bar in Pipedrive will allow you to quickly find and access any deals, leads, contacts, activities, products and attachments in your Pipedrive account.

Searching directly by item

Begin typing in the search bar to see a dropdown of all of the items relevant to your search entry. You can filter by item type to narrow your search results.

You can search for your Pipedrive data by the following data fields:

  • Deals
    Titles, notes, custom fields
  • People
    Name, phone number, email address, notes and custom fields
  • Organizations
    Name, address, notes and custom fields
  • Activities
    Name, notes, description
  • Products
    Name, code and custom fields
  • Files and attachments
  • Leads
    Title, email address, phone number, person name, organization name
Note: Regular users can only search for their own activities, while admin users can search for all users' activities.

Searching by linked items

The search will also bring up any items linked to the items you search for. For example, if your search matches an organization, we will also show you any deals and persons linked to that organization. If your search matches a person, we will also show you any deals linked to that item.

Searching by custom fields

You can also search by values under text, large text, numerical, monetary, autocomplete, phone and address type custom fields. When searching for the custom field value, the relevant item will appear in the search results.

Searching by notes

You can also search keywords from your notes that you have written under deals, contacts, leads and activities. When searching for notes, the relevant item will appear in the search results.

Finding more information

Most search results have secondary links under them. If you hover your mouse over the result, you will see another window displayed with more information. By clicking on an item (deal, person, or organization) you will go to the detail view of that specific item.

For example: If there is an activity that is connected to a deal, person, and organization, you can see more information about the linked deal by hovering your mouse over the item. By clicking on the deal, you can go directly to the deal detail view.

Recent items in search

Before you type in the search box, you can see your recently searched keywords and your recently viewed items.

Recent keywords
are the keywords that you typed in the search bar. Recently viewed items are items that you’ve just created, viewed, or edited.

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