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Connecting your Google calendar
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Syncing with Google Calendar

Jenny Takahara, December 5, 2023
Note: You can find a general guide for setting up calendar sync in this article.

Using Google and Pipedrive together is easy, especially when you can sync your upcoming activities from one calendar to the other.

Connecting your Google calendar

Note: We recommend creating a separate calendar in Google for your Pipedrive tasks, to avoid any confusion with your existing Google calendars. You can learn how to create a separate Google calendar in this article.

To enable the calendar sync, go to Personal preferences > Calendar sync and click Add new account.”

Input your Google email address, go through the authorization flow and give Pipedrive permission to access your Google calendars.

Afterward, your newly connected calendar will appear in your calendar sync settings.

Sync options

When you sync your Google calendar, you have several options as far as what data gets transferred between calendars and how.

  • Select calendar – choose which Google calendar shares a sync with your Pipedrive account.
  • Select sync type – select whether you want a one-way sync (Pipedrive activities sync to Google, but not the other way around) or a two-way sync (both calendars have all data saved from one to the other.)
  • Save calendar event to Pipedrive as – pick a Pipedrive activity type for synced Google events to be recorded as in Pipedrive
  • Sync these Pipedrive activities to calendar – choose which types of Pipedrive activities you want saved over to your Google calendar

You can also choose how you want private events saved and whether or not information about linked contacts in Pipedrive is saved to your calendar events in Google.

Note: Any of these options can be changed after the sync is complete by accessing your calendar sync settings.

Disconnecting and reconnecting

If you need to disconnect your Google calendar sync, you can go to your calendar sync settings and select ”stop syncing.“

Any email account you‘ve synced with in the past will be displayed under synced previously, and you can sync it again by clicking ”reconnect.“

That‘ll take you to the sync options window, where you can customize your settings and click “start syncing.”

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