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Transferring data to a different Pipedrive company account

Jenny Takahara, April 16, 2021

Transferring your data with Import2

Note: this action is only available to Admin Users.

The easiest way to move data from one Pipedrive account to another is to use our third-party migration partner Import2.
Since Import2 is a third-party partner, we recommend reaching out to their support team if you have any questions about this transfer process.

Importing and Exporting your Data

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users, or regular users with the correct permission enabled.

The other way of moving your data to a different company account in Pipedrive would be to export the relevant data from your Pipedrive account to a spreadsheet and import it into the other company account.

When exporting your data, it’s important to keep the mandatory fields that Pipedrive will need when mapping during importing in mind, in order to successfully create the new items in your other Pipedrive account. To see what fields are mandatory for importing data into your Pipedrive account, click here.
Once you have your data exported to a spreadsheet, you can then import this spreadsheet to the other Pipedrive company account and start working, right where you left off.

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