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What types of users can I have in Pipedrive?

Breandan Flood, September 20, 2022
Note: This view will soon be replaced by Global User Management. Learn more about the new feature in this article.

There are two possible user types in Pipedrive: deals access and account settings. Each gives users access to different features and functionality within Pipedrive.

Access rights can be configured by going to Company settings > Manage users. From here, you will be able to see the access type for each user in your company account.

Deals access

Deals access allows you to use Pipedrive's core sales functionality. By having access to deals you will have access to your pipeline, leads, deals, contacts and all related features.

Within deals, users are assigned a visibility group and permission set to control what they can see and do in the account.

Deals Access
Note: There can be more than one admin in a company account, but there can only be one owner.

Account settings

Account settings access rights give you the ability to view and edit your company billing details, security settings, company settings, user management and personal settings. You will not have access to Pipedrive's core sales functionality without also having deals access.

Account Settings

This does not require a paid seat, as users in this role will not have access to most Pipedrive features. It is particularly useful for any person managing the subscription and billing information.

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