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Updating your own user information
Updating other users' information

Updating user information

Jenny Takahara, June 13, 2022

Updating your own user information

Note: Each admin user and regular user can only update their own user information.

If you want to update your user or login information, you can do so by going to Personal Preferences > Account. Here, you will be able to update the following information:

  • Name
  • Email used to log in to Pipedrive
  • Timezone (this is updated automatically to match your computer timezone)
  • Date/number format
  • Language
  • Default currency
  • Picture

You can also change your password by going to Password > Password and login.

Updating other users' information

A user with account settings access can update the permission set, visibility group and team information of other admin and regular users. Users with account settings access can also add and deactivate users. If you would like to promote a user to have account settings access, please read this article.

These changes can be made by going to Company Settings > Manage users.


Can an admin user update the login information of other users?

For security and privacy reasons, an admin user is not able to update the name, email address, or password of any other user, admin or regular. Each user will have to update this information themselves.

In Pipedrive, it is possible for one user to be part of multiple companies with one set of login credentials, so we want to ensure that this information cannot be accessed or changed by any other user.

What if I want to replace a user?

The best way to replace a user in Pipedrive is to deactivate the existing user so they no longer have access and add a new user for the newest team member. You can transfer any previously owned items to the new user by following this article.

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