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Viewing data of a deactivated user
Reassigning data of a deactivated user

Viewing and reassigning the data of a deactivated user

Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023

When users leave your company or no longer need access to Pipedrive, they can be deactivated from the company account. After they have been deactivated, deals, contacts and activities will remain owned by these users within Pipedrive but can easily be viewed and reassigned using the filtering option.

For information on how to deactivate existing users, you can check out this article.

Viewing data of a deactivated user

Using filters, you can view the deals, contacts and activities owned by your deactivated users. From your pipeline or any list view, click on the filter dropdown > DEACTIVATED USERS to expand the list of all of your deactivated users.


You can then click on the name of any deactivated user to view items they owned.


Reassigning data of a deactivated user

Note: Once a user is deactivated, you can not assign items to them.

If you would like to reassign your items to an active user, you can do this by filtering for your deactivated user's items and reassigning them from the list view.

In the owner column, hover over the owner’s name, click the pencil icon to show the drop-down list of active users and select the user you would like to assign the item to. It is also possible to bulk-edit your items to reassign multiple at once.


You can also reassign the items from the detail view. At the top of the item page, select the arrow beside the owner’s name in order to view the dropdown of users. You can then select the name of the owner you would like to assign the item to.

Once you have chosen the user you would like to assign the item to, click “Save”.

Note: The steps above only reassign the owner of the specific item that you are editing. In order to reassign the owner of linked items, the same steps would need to be followed for each item individually.
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