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Web Visitors

Jenny Takahara, May 8, 2024
Note: The Web Visitors feature is a paid add-on, and you can learn more about how the price is calculated in this article.

With the Web Visitors feature, you can see exactly who and where the traffic on your webpage is coming from, and select visitors to add as leads, deals or organizations.

How does it work?

Note: Our Web Visitors feature is powered by Leadfeeder.

Web Visitors adds a tracking script to your website to collect visitor information and present you with reports of which companies are visiting your website and the amount of activity each visitor contributes to while there.

The companies are then sorted by quality and listed as leads in the Web Visitors inbox of your Pipedrive account, and the visitor information is synced hourly.

Setting up the Web Visitors feature

Note: Activating or accessing Web Visitor settings requires admin access, but any user can access the Web Visitors section and see the leads there.

If you don't have the web visitors feature, go to Leads > Web Visitors >Start a free trial” to use it.

The process of installing your tracker script is different based on your website host. You can install the script on multiple websites and distinguish visitors from different sites using a filter with a Hostname (domain) condition.

Note: You can learn how to install the Web Visitors script on your website in this article.

Viewing and managing your Web Visitors inbox

Note: Visitor information is updated regularly, but you can click on the refresh button in the top left corner of the page to update it manually.

Go to Leads > Web Visitors, where your inbox will show:

  • the companies that have visited your website
  • when they visited
  • whether they’re linked to any organizations in your Pipedrive account

You can also customize your view with sorting and filtering options.

Sorting your web visitors

Note: Quality is an overview of how engaged a visitor was on your website and is determined by the number of page views during the visit session.

You can order your leads by quality or last visit time.

Filtering by date

Use the date dropdown in the top-right corner to filter based on how recently leads visited your website.

Filtering by visitor type

Note: The Web Visitors feature includes five default filter options: All visitors, new visitors, top visitors, linked to organization and not linked to an organization.

Click the filter dropdown in the top right corner to see your default and existing custom filters, or click “+ Add new filter” to create a new one.

After you click “Add new filter,” select “Add condition” and you can choose between the available filter fields:

Hiding leads

Note: Once a visitor is hidden, they can’t be un-hidden.

To hide a lead, click the eye icon when you open one of your web visitors:

Then click “Hide visitor” when the window prompt opens.

Visitor details

Note: Lead quality is determined by the number of page views in a visitor session

The bar to the left of your visitor information reflects the lead quality, ranging from green (high quality) to red (low quality.)

Click on a visitor to open the side panel containing company details like name, address, website and linked social media.

You can expand each visit to see detailed information on each visited page.

Converting visitors to leads, deals and organizations

Note: Adding a visitor as a deal or lead automatically creates a linked organization.

To convert a web visitor to a lead, deal or organization, select a visitor in your inbox and click “+ Lead,” or click the “...” followed by “+ Deal,” or “+ Organization.

You can also select “Link existing organization” to link the visitor to an organization already in your account.

Then click "Save" and you’ll be redirected to your newly created item.

Note: If there's a similar item in your account already, you’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm whether it’s a duplicate.

Once items are linked to the visitor, you can click through directly to the corresponding item’s detail page. Information on the visits made by that company will be added to the linked deals and organizations as a note web visit timeline block.

Viewing your item details

Note: Information about website visits made by a company is added to any linked items as a note.

When looking at a visitor, you can see any item in your account linked to it and click to see its detail page.

The organization detail page will have two newly created custom fields, Linked web visitor and Latest web visit, which are automatically populated with visitor data.

Note: New visits made by visitors automatically appear on the Web Visitor's page as well as the detail views of any linked items, and the Latest web visit field is updated automatically with the latest visiting information.

Prospector in Web Visitors

Note: Prospector is part of the LeadBooster add-on. Learn how to install this add-on in this article.

Prospector is an outbound lead generation tool that searches for and gathers high-quality leads based on set criteria, including person contacts linked to your web visitors.

To add these prospector contacts as leads, select a web visitor, scroll to people from this company and click the “+” next to any listed person.

After the person is added to your account, you can click the “...” to reveal previously hidden details like their email address and phone number.

Note: You can keep prospecting from Web Visitors as many times as you want. For every lead that you add to your account, a credit is spent. Learn more about Prospector credits in this article.
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