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Who is the Admin User of my account?

Jenny Takahara, February 19, 2021

Some Pipedrive settings and features, such as the billing settings or visibility groups are only available to Admin Users in the Pipedrive account.  The admin user is the first user that set up the account, and the users that they assigned Admin status since then.

If you are not sure who the admin user is on your account, for security reasons and to maintain user privacy, our support agents cannot answer this question for you.  Unfortunately, there is no possibility for our support team to share this information with you.

In this case, one possibility would be for you to check the user that your invitation email to Pipedrive arrived from.  In many cases, this user will still be the admin user.

Otherwise, you will need to contact your manager, supervisor, IT admin, or colleagues to find out who is the admin user on the account.

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