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Zapier: Get notifications in Slack of new Pipedrive deals

Jenny Takahara, March 19, 2024
Note: For more information about Zapier and how it connects to Pipedrive, check out this article.

With the help of Zapier, you can easily alert yourself and your team of new Pipedrive deals in any Slack channel of your choosing.

What you need

To create this Zap, you’ll need the following:

Make sure your Pipedrive account is connected to Zapier and your Slack account information is on hand during the set-up process.

Integrating Pipedrive with your Slack account

Before you can create a Zap for Slack notifications, you need to connect your Slack account to Zapier.

To start, in Zapier use the left-side navigation to find Apps, then click ”+ Add connection.“

Then search for slack and click on the first option.

You’ll be taken through the authentication process, and once you’ve verified your account and connected, you’ll see Slack under your Apps.

Making your Zap

Note: For a full list of Pipedrive to Slack templates for Zapier, check out this page.

Zapier has a useful template you can use to create your Zap for sending Slack notifications when new deals are added to your Pipedrive account.

Click ”Try this template“ and you‘ll be redirected to the Zap editor.

Select ”Choose“ to pick a Pipedrive account to connect for your Zap. You‘ll repeat this action for the Slack step in your automation.

When you’re done editing the Zap, click ”Publish“ to save your changes. You can find your new Zap in the Zaps section of your Zapier account.

Note: You can also manually create Pipedrive to Slack Zaps by clicking ”+ Create Zap“ and selecting a Pipedrive trigger and a Slack action.
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