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Zapier: Get notifications in Slack of new Pipedrive deals

Jenny Takahara, June 14, 2023

With the help of Zapier, you can easily alert yourself and your team of new Pipedrive deals in any Slack channel of your choosing.

You will need

Getting your accounts ready

Integrating Pipedrive with your Slack channel

Now, we create a new Zap that connects your Slack channel to your Pipedrive account and automatically creates new notifications from Pipedrive deals. Just click the "Use this Zap" button to get started.

Then, you will need to connect your Slack account. After clicking on "Connect", you’ll have the chance to select your Slack team if you’re already signed in or you can enter your team name and account details to connect.

You’re almost done. All that’s left is to match up the information from your Slack form to the lead fields in your Pipedrive account. We have already gone ahead and selected the general channel in Slack, as well as the title of the deal to populate the notification. However, you can add just about anything you like from your Pipedrive deal to the notification.

Once you’ve got everything from your form linked to the correct Pipedrive fields, click the button on the bottom to finish making your Zap.

With most of the work done, you can now test the Zap to ensure that everything is connected the way you wanted. Once the tests are done, go check your Slack channel and make sure the new deal was added correctly. If so, you’re all set and Zapier will now automatically create new Slack notifications anytime you have brand new Pipedrive deals.

If you ever want to change your Pipedrive and Slack integration or would like to automate anything else with Zapier, just go to, log in to your account and tweak anything you’d like.

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