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What you need
Creating your Zap

Zapier: saving Unbounce leads to Pipedrive

Breandan Flood, April 15, 2024
Note: You can see the full list of Pipedrive to Unbounce integrations on this page.

You can save Unbounce leads to Pipedrive as contacts, leads and other Pipedrive data using Zapier.

What you need

Note: If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with Pipedrive, take a look at our Pipedrive Learn tutorials.

To create a Zap to connect your Pipedrive and Unbounce accounts, you'll need:

To get started with Unbounce (installing, creating your landing page, etc.) check out Unbounce’s support documentation.

Note: You can find out about getting started using Pipedrive and Zapier on this page.

Creating your Zap

Note: To create a Zap using Unbounce, you need to have at least one active landing page for submissions.

Zapier provides a template you can use to create leads from Unbounce submissions.

Click ”Try this template“ and you’ll be taken to the Zap editor, where you can customize your automation.

You’ll be asked to choose an Unbounce and Pipedrive account to connect with for your Zap.

After you’ve customized and tested each part of your Zap, click ”Publish“ to save your Zap.

Note: For the automation to work, your Unbounce submission must create data for a Person or Organization in Pipedrive, since a new lead requires a linked contact.
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