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Connecting Pipedrive to Zapier
Zaps and Triggers

Zapier: What it is and how to use it

Jenny Takahara, April 15, 2024

Zapier is a user-friendly web service that lets you automate actions between different web apps and tools. Creating Zaps between your apps saves time, automating many of the manual tasks you complete daily.

Pipedrive has thousands of connections in Zapier that you can use to get your work done more easily than ever.

Connecting Pipedrive to Zapier

Note: For an in-depth guide to connecting your Pipedrive and Zapier accounts, check out this page.

To connect your Pipedrive account to Zapier, log in to your Zapier account, go to the left-side navigation menu and select Apps > “+ Add connection.“

Search Pipedrive and select the option that pops up.

After that, you‘ll go through the authentication flow, accept Pipedrive’s request for data access and select a Pipedrive company to connect to your Zapier account.

Select a Pipedrive company and click “Continue to the app.” Once you have read the permissions, click “Allow and Install.”

If your account is connected successfully, you should see it in Zapier under Apps.

Zaps and Triggers

Note: The screenshot used here was taken from classic view.

In the main dashboard view of your Zapier account, you can select which apps to connect and the trigger and action for your Zap.

For example, in this Zap the trigger is a new deal being created, and the action is a file being attached.

When you’ve selected your desired options, click ”Try it“ and you’ll be taken to the Zap editor, where you can finish customizing your Zap before finalizing it.

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