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Slack integration

The Slack-Pipedrive integration is a great way to keep your team and managers up-to-date on your team's Pipedrive activities - even if they don't have a Pipedrive account!

Specifically, you can use the integration to:

  • Share Pipedrive contacts and contact information
  • Automatically post added deals
  • Post updates personal on deal statuses to users
  • Providing a running feed for deals won
  • Search contacts in Pipedrive using the /pipedrive Slack command


For more information on what the Slack-Pipedrive integration, or 'Dealbot', can do for you, see our blogpost (with an introduction video!) here


How to get started

Go to your settings page and select 'Slack Integration':

Then, connect your account with Pipedrive like so:

Then you're away! From the same Slack settings page you can set up what you'd like to report and to which channel using the dropdown menus and tick boxes.

As an admin user, you can choose to report on all your teams actions. Regular users can set up a report on your own actions only.

All users will also be able to search and share contacts in Slack using the /pipedrive Slack command

Now you can stop wasting time on lengthy manual reporting and start automatically slacking instead!