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What types of custom fields are there?

There are sixteen different types of custom field:

  • Text - Up to 255 characters
         Useful for: Billing addresses, email addresses, (short) comments

  • Autocomplete - Up to 255 characters, autofills based on previous input
         Useful for: Custom options (e.g. tagging), email addresses.

  • Large text - Longer notes
         Useful for: Comments, descriptions

  • Numerical - Numerical data only
         Useful for: Commission, priority level

  • Monetary - Numerical data prefixed with a currency symbol
         Useful for: Commission, amounts

  • Multiple options - List of predefined options where multiple can be selected
         Useful for: Industry, region, competitors

  • Single option - List of predefined options where only one can be selected
         Useful for: Lead type, category, industry

  • User - Tag a Pipedrive user from your Pipedrive account*
         Useful for: Previous deal owners, other contacts within your company.

  • Organization - Allows for tagging an additional organization from your Pipedrive database*
         Useful for: Related parties, partner organizations

  • PersonAllows for tagging an additional person from your Pipedrive database*
         Useful for: Related parties.

  • Phone - Allows for a phone number of a Skype user name to be entered with click to call functionality if enabled
         Useful for: Skype names, phone numbers

  • Time - Used to store time using a time picker
         Useful for: Delivery time, lunch time

  • Time range - Used to store a time range using a time picker
         Useful for: Office hours, best time to contact

  • Date - Used to store dates from a date picker
         Useful for: Delivery date, deadlines

  • Date rangeUsed to store a date range from a date picker
         Useful for: Event dates, completion estimates

  • Address - Full addresses stored using autocomplete from Google Maps
         Useful for: Event places, office locations (when separate from business address) 

    *Doesn't link the item with the User, Person, or Organization for statistical reporting or any other form of ownership or relation, but can be used for filtering.