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How can I reassign items owned by a deactivated user?

When an employee leaves your company or simply no longer requires access, they can be deactivated from the Pipedrive company account. Sometimes, you may realize that a user you have deactivated is still the owner of specific deals or contacts. 

The quickest way to handle this is by reactivating that user in question, and then using our Bulk Edit function to change the listed Owner of those assigned deals or contacts to be another user in your account.
However, if that is not possible for you, then follow the below steps in order to reassign items that are owned by a deactivated user.

  • To begin, go to the Filter button in the Deals tab of your Pipedrive app, and go to Add new filter


  • In the 'Show deals that match ALL of these conditions' area, create a condition of Deal > Owner > is not > ________ for each active user in your account.
    Once you've made one for each user, click the Save button. 


  • Select every deal in this list. When the Bulk Edit panel appears, find and select the Owner option, and select Replace existing value with... in the dropdown menu.
  • In the following dropdown list, choose the user that you wish to now own these deals, and click Update to finalize this change.


And that's it! The deals that were once owned by that deactivated user and now owned by another user in your account. As those deals are now associated with an active user, they can now be filtered for easily. 

Note: The steps above only reassign the ownership of the deals owned by that deactivated user. In order to reassign the ownership of People or Organization Contacts, the same steps would need to be completed in the Contacts - People and Contacts - Organizations tabs as well.


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