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Smart Contact Data

Note: The Smart Contact Data feature is one of the useful features of Pipedrive’s Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

Knowing the most about your customers can be the difference between winning or losing a deal in Pipedrive. However, doing the necessary research can be time-consuming and may get in the way of doing the sales that keep your company running.
For that, Pipedrive is happy to present Smart Contact Data!

Using Smart Contact Data, you no longer need to manually search Google for important and helpful information — Smart Contact Data finds publicly-available information associated with a customer's email address or email domain and drops it right at your fingertips.
This gives you an edge when communicating with your contacts and, most importantly, gives you more time to focus on closing that deal.

Note: The enabling of this feature is only available to Admin Users.

To enable the Smart Contact Data feature, go to Tools and apps > Smart Contact Data in your Pipedrive account, turn the feature on.

Once enabled, opening the Detail View of a Person or Organization in your Pipedrive account will also display a Smart Contact Data info section.

To check for the information associated with a Person's work email address or an Organization's email domain, click the Smart Data Search button. Once Pipedrive has pulled together all of that information, it will be displayed in that Smart Contact Data info section.

Note: If you feel that the information is out-of-date, double-check the email address associated with a contact, and click the Refresh data button to look for the most updated information.


Smart Contact Data and the GDPR 

Smart Contact Data is opt-in and Pipedrive in no way automatically stores or uses the data beyond what is necessary for performance purposes. Therefore, in terms of the GDPR, Pipedrive is the data processor and thus the user (that’s you!) is the data controller responsible for how the data is used and stored. As the data controller, when it comes to the GDPR you must make sure that you are compliant with the GDPR and other data storage regulations.

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