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Pipedrive: Aircall Integration

Aircall is a phone app designed to set and manage phone operations. Aircall's integration allows users the possibility to make phone calls from Pipedrive using Aircall. This integration will have all inbound/outbound calls and voicemails logged as activities in Pipedrive and automatically generate new contacts whenever the phone number does not match any existing contact phone number in your Pipedrive database.

Get started with this integration here.


Signing up for Aircall

  1. Go to Aircall website (
  2. Fill the sign up form to register a new account
  3. Confirm your new account by email
  4. Add a company phone number in Aircall webapp


Adding additional users

You can invite your Pipedrive users to the same Aircall account and let everyone in your company use Aircall to receive and make phone calls. Users will receive an invitation by email to join your account and will be prompted to install Aircall desktop app to start receiving and making phone calls using your company phone number. They will not need to setup the integration with their Pipedrive API tokens. However, each new user needs to make sure that Aircall is selected as a default app in their computers to handle tel: tags (see instructions below)

To invite additional users to Aircall, please go to Teams and click on "Invite new team member".


Setting up the integration

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrations to third parties (Aircall webapp)
  2. Click on Add your first integration, select Pipedrive and submit your Pipedrive API token
  3. Make sure Pipedrive is now displayed as an active integration


Downloading and installing the Aircall desktop app

  1. Go to Aircall website and click on Apps
  2. Download and install Aircall for desktop
  3. Open the desktop app for the first time


How to use Aircall as a default phone app

Note - Only admins can configure the default phone syntax.


  1. Go to Pipedrive and make sure that your phone number link syntax is tel:[number]

  2. Open FaceTime, go to preferences and select Aircall in "Default for calls" (Mac users):

  3. Click on a phone number in Pipedrive and save your browser preferences to always open Aircall in future: