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iOS: Audio Notes

Audio notes are a great way to record up to two minutes of audio to help keep track of your deals,, people, and organizations while you're on the road.

Adding an audio note is simple! With your Pipedrive iOS mobile app open, click on a deal, person, or organization. At the bottom on the screen you'll see three green buttons.
Click the + sign, and then select Audio Note.

Once clicked, you will be asked to confirm access to your phone's microphone for the Pipedrive mobile app.
Select 'OK', and press on the red circle button in the recording screen to begin recording an audio note.

When you've finished your note, you may select to re-record your note or attach it to the deal, person, or organization you had previously selected.
When you've added this note, it will appear at the bottom of the change-log for that deal, person, or organization in the iOS app.

You will also find that audio note in the change-log of the Detail View of that deal, person, or organization in the Pipedrive desktop app.