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How to add/edit/remove a user

Note: Admin rights are required to perform certain actions listed in this article. Click here to learn more.

So you've signed up for your Pipedrive trial, and now you want to spread the love to your partners in crime. This means you need to get your co-workers to be able to log into Pipedrive and share data with you. Well here's what you need to know:


Adding users to Pipedrive

Note: Only admins can perform the following.

To add users to Pipedrive:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users
  2. From here, you can add other people to your account by clicking the + Add Users button. The Add users page opens.

  3. Enter the email address, first name, and last name of the person you want to have access to your account.


Note: You can add more users at the same time by clicking + Add one more user .


So what happens next? - How will my invited users be notified?

If your invited users have never signed up for Pipedrive before:

They will receive an invitation email from Pipedrive. This email link will allow them to set up their own password, and sign into your Pipedrive account.

If your invited users have signed up for Pipedrive before, and are still members of their own Pipedrive account:

They will receive an email notification that they've been added to your account. They'll simply use the same login credentials they've set up on their other account, and will be able to switch back and forth between the companies they're members of by simply using the Change Company option in the upper right corner of the app.


Deactivating and reactivating users

  1.  Navigate to Settings > Users.
  2. Click on either the activated label or deactivated labels.

 From here, you can deactivate or reactivate your users.

See example:

Whenever you first add a user to the system, a seat is created. A seat is what creates a transaction. There are seats and then there are users who take up those seats. Whenever you deactivate a user, you're presented with a prompt that will allow you to also remove their seat from your billing.

If you only deactivate a user and don't remove the seat, then the seat still exists in your account; this allows you to add another user to replace the previously deactivated user easily, without having to process multiple billing transactions.

If you deactivate a user and additionally remove the seat, then we automatically credit the cost of the unused subscription time back to the account. For example, if a seat ($/€12.00) is deactivated half-way through the month that has already been paid for, then a $/€6.00 credit is applied to the company account.

That credit will be used for future invoices in Pipedrive, and will be used prior to charging your provided billing details. If enough credit exists in the Pipedrive account, it can pay for an entire Pipedrive invoice.

So if you do not plan on replacing your deactivated user with a new user, remove the seat as well. Even if you missed it during the deactivation, you can always remove the seat later under Settings > Billing and click Remove unused seats, or under Settings > Users & Permisisons.




How can I make a user an administrator?

Simply click on the No under the user's Admin column to change them to an admin.

See example:

Visibility & permissions

In short, every deal/person/organization in Pipedrive is visible to everyone in your account. To learn more about permissions and visibility, simply click the link below to see our full article:

Full article: Users & Permissions