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Users & Permissions: Controlling visibility

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

Pipedrive's Users and Permission section — found in Settings > Users & permissions — allows you to control the visibility your regular users have to specific information within Pipedrive.
Controlling visibility is an important element to understand in your CRM. Whether you keep everything public in your company or require more privacy regarding your Deals, People, Organizations, or Products — Pipedrive has you covered with several different options to serve your needs.

User rights: Regular Users and Admin Users

Note: The first user to start a new trial account is automatically given Admin User rights. Any users promoted to Admin User privilege can remove the Admin User permission of the initial user, if need be.

Admin Users: Have full control and visibility over the entire account, except for private emails. They also cannot delete themselves or take away their own administrative rights — only fellow Admin Users can do so. Pipedrive can have as many Admin Users as you wish.
Regular Users: Are subject to the permissions that have been established by the Admin User, but are allowed the normal, day-to-day functions of Pipedrive, like below. 

  • Access to personal API keys (unless otherwise revoked)
  • Access to personal integrations (Google Contacts, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Add/Edit function to any Deals/People/Organizations that the user can access.
  • Change/Update own login credentials
  • Create and monitor personal goals
  • Create/Edit filters in the List Views within Pipedrive
  • Establish personal Activity Reminder Emails and Notification Emails
  • Establish personal User Interface settings
  • Establish personal Email Integration settings
  • Establish automated updates on any Deals/People/Organization they follow in Slack
  • Schedule and track meetings using the Scheduling feature

Company default visibility settings

One of the first and most important things to do is establish your Pipedrive account's default visibility settings. These settings will establish a default visibility rule to every record —  that is, any Deal, Person, or Organization — created in the system.
This does not mean you're forced to use these settings at all times, as every Deal/Person/Organization in Pipedrive has its own specific visibility settings that can be altered by an Admin User at any time.

To configure your company default visibility permissions:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Permissions.
  • Select your default visibility setting, between Owners & followers and Entire company.


Owners & followers means that only an item's specific owner — and any user that is a follower of that item — is able to see and edit that item. 
Entire company means that all users in the Pipedrive account would be able to see and edit any of the items found in the account. 

Sharing options

Individual items, like Deals or People, have their own visibility settings.
These individual settings can be controlled by three different fields: Visible-to settings, Ownership, and Followers.

Visible-to settings

The Visible-to settings establishes the actual visibility of the record. The Visible-to settings can be edited in any Detail View or in the List View.




Ownership establishes who owns the Deal or Person in question, and gets credited for the winning or losing of the deal. If you own an item in Pipedrive, you have permission to both see and edit it.
Every Deal, Person, or Organization created or imported will be marked as being owned by the user who created it, unless otherwise marked as being owned by another user.

If you need to change Owner settings, they can be controlled in the Detail View or List View, similar to the Visible-to setting discussed earlier. 



The Followers feature grants individual Pipedrive users full access to various records, as well as provides notifications on the records they're following. Followers can be added in the Followers section of any record.

  • Regular Users can add themselves or other Pipedrive users as followers to Deals, People, or Organizations that they have visibility of.
  • Admin Users can add followers to a Pipedrive user's entire profile, providing visibility and notifications to the follower of all actions performed by the followed user.


When you've become a Follower, the notification bell icon in the Pipedrive app will display all of the updates regarding items you follow in Pipedrive.
To learn more about notifications in Pipedrive, click here