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Activities in Pipedrive represent any scheduled action on your part towards the closing of a deal. A phone call, lunch meeting, email- whatever it is, you can schedule it with your people contacts, organizations, or deals so you will always know what's coming next.

By default, you can set up your activities to be a Call, Meeting, Task, Deadline, Email, or Lunch type. You can set up custom activities types for activities that are specific to your company's needs. To facilitate the activities scheduling process and help you move along your sales process, we suggest using our Calendar sync feature to sync activities from your calendar provider and Scheduler feature to set up availabilities and book activities with clients.

To look at your activities in the Calendar View or List View, go to the Activities tab. 



Adding Activities

Since Pipedrive encourages activity-based selling, it's easy to schedule activities no matter where you are. 

  • In the the Pipeline View of the Deals tab
    Clicking on a deal's activity icon in the Pipeline View of the Deals tab allows for the quick scheduling of an activity.

  • In the Detail View of any Deal, Person, or Organization
    When in the Detail View of an item, click on the Activity tab to link an activity directly to that item.

  • In the Calendar or List View of the Activities tab
    When in the Activities List or Calendar view, you can quickly add an activity to make sure you're able to stay aware of all actions you need to take in the immediate future.calendarview.png

  • In the Contacts Timeline of the Contacts tab
    If you see that a person contact or organization has not had an activity scheduled in quite some time, you can quickly add an activity to make sure your lead doesn't go cold. 

Scheduling an activity

The 'Schedule an activity' prompt presents you with your entire day's agenda on the right, next to the fields necessary to schedule your next activity. This helps you to schedule your activities efficiently, preventing any double booking as well as giving you an easy way to reschedule your existing activities.

In the Schedule an activity prompt, you can fill in the activity's details.


  • Title
    Name of your activity.
  • Type
    Default or custom activity type.
  • Time, date, and duration 
    The time and date of your activity.
  • Location
    The address of your activity. Pipedrive will automatically check if the location matches a geo-location on Google maps. When on the activity list view in Pipedrive, clicking on the location will bring open up the location on Google maps.
  • Busy/Free
    Set the activity as 'Busy' or 'Free' (default). If the activity is set to 'Busy', your customers will not be able to book that time slot through any Scheduler links. 
  • Note
    A description of your activity. 

The note added to the activity will not sync over to your external calendar if you have the Calendar sync enabled. 

Linking deals and contacts 

You can enter the owner, deal, organization, and person contact you want to be linked to the activity. When the activity is linked to an item, it will show up on the item's detail page. 


  • Linked Deal
    An activity linked to only a deal will automatically be linked with the contact person and organization that is linked to that deal. 
  • Linked Person
    An activity linked to a person contact will automatically be linked with the organization that is linked to the person contact. 
  • Linked organization
    An activity linked to an organization will not be automatically linked to its deals or people contacts. This is because since there can be multiple deals and people contacts linked to each organization, Pipedrive will not know what people/deals to link the activity to.

Invite linked people 

Clicking on the Invite linked people option will send out email activity invitations to the contact people linked to the activity. You can customize the language of the activity according to the contact you are inviting. 


Completing activities

As you complete your scheduled activities, you can mark them as done in the activities list or calendar view. They can also be marked as done anywhere you are able to see your activities, such as in the detail pages of your deals and contacts timeline view. 

The activity's Marked as done time field will be updated with when the activity itself was marked as done. The Due date field will always show the time and date the activity was originally scheduled for. 
While you can always click and manually edit the 'Due date' field of the activity- even retroactively- the 'Marked as done time' field will always reflect the time that activity was marked as done.



Marked as done logic 

The Calendar view will always show the activities by the due date, regardless of when they were marked as done.
The three activities below will still show as being scheduled to complete on October 16, October 17, and October 18, even though they were all marked as done on October 16, prior to the due dates. 


If you look at the activities in the detail views of the linked items, you will always see activities ordered by when they were actually marked as done. The three activities below show the done time in the description and are ordered by most recently 'marked as done' at the top.  



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