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How can I create a custom currency?

From dollars and euros to Tanzanian shillings, we've got you covered: Pipedrive can be customized to use any monetary system of your choice. Here's how to set it up:

Go to Settings > Company settings > Currencies.
From here, you can add new currencies or deactivate any unused currencies in your account.

To create a new currency, click the Add custom currency button.


When prompted, enter the details of your currency. Pipedrive will assign a unique code to it.
You can specify the decimal value as well, such as ฿0.30048000 vs $125.17.

When you've provided all of the relevant information, click Save to finalize your work.
Once saved, your custom currency will be available as a usable currency for setting the value of deals in Pipedrive!


Note: Once set, your custom currency can also be made into the default currency for your Pipedrive account. To set this, go to Settings > Personal preferences > Account, find the 'Default currency' option, select your custom currency, and click Save


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