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Zapier: Saving Unbounce Leads to Pipedrive

If you want to save your Unbounce leads in your Pipedrive, you can do that using Zapier.

You will need

Getting your accounts ready

To connect your Unbounce account to Zapier, you will need an active Unbouce account, and an active Landing page. To get started with Unbounce, and for help creating your landing page, you can go here. For information on getting started with Unbounce on Zapier, go here.

To link your Unbounce account to Pipedrive, you will need an active Pipedrive account. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with Pipedrive, check here. You can find out about getting started with Pipedrive on Zapier here.

Connecting your accounts

Click here to save Unbounce Leads to Pipedrive.

  • Make sure you have created your Landing Page in Unbounce. Once you have, click Continue.
  • Follow the directions on the next page to connect your Unbounce account to Zapier via Webhook. Once you have done this, click Continue.
  • Choose your Pipedrive account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
  • To connect a new Pipedrive account you will need to plug in your personal API token, found by going to Settings > Personal preferences > API in your Pipedrive account.

Pipedrive API

  • Craft the Title of the Deal using Unbounce fields. Select the Status of the Deal, and who the Deal will be Visible to.

Create Deal

  • Click Save + Finish.

Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you're satisfied, your new Unbounce leads will be automatically added to your Pipedrive account.

Note: If you ever want to change this Pipedrive and Unbounce integration, just go to your Zapier dashboard and tweak anything you'd like.

You can also check out all that's possible with Pipedrive on Zapier, and other ways to connect Pipedrive and Unbounce.

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