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How many workflows can I have in Pipedrive?

When creating a series of workflows to help expedite your company's processes in Pipedrive, it may be helpful to know of any technical limitations that might inform how you design your workflows.

In Pipedrive's Advanced plan, each user in your Pipedrive account can create 30 active workflows in the Pipedrive company account. In the Professional plan, each user in your Pipedrive account can create 60 active workflows. In the Enterprise plan, each user in your Pipedrive account can create 100 active workflows. 

Each of those workflows can also have a maximum of ten actions built into it. 
And each of the unique triggers for a workflow can occur once in a one-minute window, in order to prevent unmanageable loops in your process. 

A company Pipedrive account can have one workflow execute a maximum of 5,000 times in a ten-minute window. That same company Pipedrive account can have all of their programmed workflows execute a maximum of 10,000 times in a ten-minute window.  

Note: If you are using action events that involve your email provider, please note that your provider may also have limitations regarding how many emails that can be sent in a specific timeframe.

With how the Workflow Automation feature in Pipedrive is built, a company Pipedrive account could do up to 1,000 workflow executions in the span of one minute! 

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