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Archiving and Deleting emails

To delete or archive an email, select the email thread in your Pipedrive inbox and click on the Delete or Archive button that appears at the top of the screen. You can also delete or archive your emails in bulk by checking the boxes next to the threads you want to update directly in the inbox.


Deleted emails in Pipedrive 

Once an email is deleted, it will no longer be visible in the Detail View of any of its linked deals or contacts. This is because the information shown on Detail Views are drawn from emails that currently exist in your Pipedrive account. If you want to keep your emails linked to contacts and deals, but have them not visible in your inbox, we recommend archiving the email to hide the thread while still keeping the information available. 

To automatically delete emails from your email client when deleting from Pipedrive, you can toggle on the option after going to Tools and apps > Email sync.


Archived emails in Pipedrive 

An archived email will remain on the Detail Views of any linked deals or contacts. Archiving emails is a good option if you do not want to see the email thread in your inbox, but still want it to remain in Pipedrive. 

If you want to automatically archive emails in your email client when archiving in Pipedrive, you can toggle on the option after going to Tools and apps > Email sync.



We recommend following our Email Sync troubleshooting guide if you are having issues syncing archived or deleted emails. 

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