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Syncing with Google Calendar

Everybody knows Google is an excellent source for managing both your personal and business life. Syncing with Google Calendar can bring several benefits to your workflow.

Luckily, you can sync your Google Calendar with Pipedrive, and all of your Pipedrive activities can be visible through Google Calendar as well.

Note - All events you already have in Google Calendar will not sync to Pipedrive unless something is edited.

Enabling the feature will simply allow all future Google Calendar events to sync.

It is possible however to sync all current existing Pipedrive Activities to your Google Calendar.

Syncing Pipedrive activities with Google Calendar

Note - First you'll want to make sure your Google Account is connected to Pipedrive. See instructions here.

Once you have connected your Pipedrive account with your Google account, you can sync your account with Google Calendar:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Google Calendar.
  2. Enable Google Calendar Sync to sync Pipedrive with Google Calendar. A dropdown appears, where you can select which calendar you'd like to sync to Pipedrive.

    Note - It's highly recommended to create your own Pipedrive Tasks Calendar in Google, to avoid confusion on your Google Calendar. Learn how to create a calendar in the Google Calendar support page.

  3. Choose to either:
    • Sync all events between Google Calendar and Pipedrive: If you select this option when connecting your Google Calendar to Pipedrive, it gives you the option to add Pipedrive Activities through Google Calendar rather than through Pipedrive:
      • The pros to this, are that you can easily see your whole life's activities in one place while adding your sales activities, and this helps you keep from bumping your events into each other.
      • The cons are that you can't associate your Activities with any deal, contact, or organization in Pipedrive through Google. Instead you'll see a plain and simple "Task" that you can later associate with a deal, contact, or organization.

    • Only sync events added from Pipedrive. If you select this option, quite simply, nothing you add to Google Calendar will ever be populated in Pipedrive itself. Instead, adding activities in Pipedrive will add events in Google Calendar.
      However, once an activity that's been added through Pipedrive is populated in Google Calendar, you can make changes through Google directly (such as changing the time of the event), and it will update Pipedrive with the change.

  4. Click Save to sync Pipedrive with Google Contacts.
  5. (Optional) Click the Upload unsynced activities button that appeared in the top-right corner, to sync all previously existing activities with Google; otherwise, only the activities added from now on will be synced with your Google Calendar.

Hurray! Your Calendar is now synced!

What information will populate in Google Calendar?

When you create an event in Pipedrive, you'll have a good extent of information that will automatically populate into your Google Calendar event. But rather than talk about it, have a look for yourself!

A couple of things to remember:

  • The title of your Google Calendar event will go according to the following formula: "Title of the deal > Contact Person > Organization Name > Title of the activity".
  • It's also possible to re-arrange the order of these fields in the title.
  • Attachments added to either the Google Calendar or Pipedrive activities will not be added to the other.


For example, we create the following activity in Pipedrive:

The same activity will look like that in Google Calendar: