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2FA: two-factor authentication

Jenny Takahara, June 14, 2023
Note: Due to differing protocols, Pipedrive's two-factor authentication cannot work alongside the "Log in with Google" function or the single-sign-on feature of the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans. We suggest your company choose the option that best fits its security needs.

Your Pipedrive account is filled with all of the valuable information that makes your business operate effectively, so you always want to protect it.

To protect your Pipedrive user account, we suggest enabling the two-factor authentication login verification function within Pipedrive.
To access two-factor authentication, go to Settings > Password and login > Two-factor authentication (2FA) and enable the function for your user account in Pipedrive.


When enabled, logging in to Pipedrive will prompt an email to be sent to the email address you use to log in to Pipedrive with a verification link that will allow you access to your Pipedrive account.

That same email will provide you with information about where that verifiable login occurred in the world.
If you find that the information presented there does not match your login attempt, we suggest changing your login credentials, as someone may be attempting to gain access to your account.

Note: Two-factor authentication can be used through the mobile app, however, it must be set up in the web app. Once two-factor authentication is set up on the account, a verification email will be sent when you log in via the mobile app, just as it does when logging in through the web app.
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