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Activity Priority Labels

Steven Reinartz, April 15, 2024
Note: For more information about activities and what they can do in Pipedrive, check out this article.

When your Pipedrive account has a lot of activities, it can be difficult to organize the ones needing immediate attention and those that can wait a while.

With Activity Priority Labels, you can sort your tasks based on their immediate need and see these designations across your account.

Adding or Editing your Priority Labels

There are three places in your Pipedrive account where priority labels can be added or changed.

Contextual view

Go to your Activities section and select an activity.

Once the activity contextual view is open, you can click the ”Priority“ dropdown and select one of three options:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Bulk editing

You can also select multiple activities and bulk edit their priority labels.

List view

Click the gear icon and select Priority > Save to make it a column in your list view.

Then, hover your cursor over the Priority column and click the pencil icon to edit the label.

Viewing your Priority Labels

In addition to editing priority labels, there are also places in your account where these labels are visible.

Calendar view

If an activity has been assigned a priority level, it will appear in the appointment tile on your calendar.

Linked item detail view

If you open an item with a linked activity labeled for priority, you can see the label in the focus section of that item’s detail view.

Pipeline view

In your pipeline view, click the arrow to see any activities linked to that deal.

If a linked activity has a label, you can see the color and hover your cursor over the symbol to see the priority.

Priority Label FAQ

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the priority label feature.

Can I filter using priority labels?

Yes you can! Just go to any list view with a filtering option, click ”Add new filter“ and select Activity > Priority > is > [insert choice.]

Click ”Save“ to confirm your filter, and the results will appear in your list view.

Can I use Priority Labels in my automations?

Yes again! Here are a couple of examples:

  • You can use priority as a condition, like in this automation where an activity created with a high priority automatically moves the linked deal to a different pipeline stage.
  • You can also use priority for automated actions, like in this example where an activity being created automatically adds a priority of medium.

Can I customize my priority labels?

Currently, it's impossible to add new priority labels or change the name or color of the existing ones.

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