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Address fields in Pipedrive

Jenny Takahara, June 11, 2021

Organizations in Pipedrive have a default address field where you can enter a physical location for your contacts such as an office or home location. You will be able to access this information in the List View and Detail View of the organization or through the pages of any linked people or deals.


Integration with Google Maps

Pipedrive is integrated with Google Maps so you can see where your contacts and deals are geo-located directly in Pipedrive. If Google Maps recognizes the address that is entered, it will automatically suggest and autofill the address.

You can then visualize these addresses on a map with the 'Show on Map' feature after clicking on the address in the List or Detail view.


The Google Maps integration will also allow you to break your address down into subfields such as state, country, and area code, and apply them as columns to your list view.

To see the subsections of your address, go to your organizations List View, click on the gear icon, and expand the Address (details) option. From here you can see all of the subsections of the address field to apply as columns to your list view.


This is useful if you want to create a filter for or order your deals or contacts based on a specific subsection of the listed address (e.g. all organizations located in New York).

'Address' type custom field

While there is only a default address field for organizations, you can still add an address type custom field to your people contacts or deals if you prefer to list relevant address information under items other than organizations. You can read more about custom fields in Pipedrive and how to add them in this article.

An address listed under an address type custom field can also be geo-located and will behave exactly like the default address field under organizations.

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