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Breandan Flood, November 2, 2023

When importing in Pipedrive, some fields can be trickier to map to your spreadsheet depending on how the fields are set up. Multiple option, address and phone type fields all require an extra step in order for them to be mapped correctly.

To understand our basic mapping functionality, read this article, or for more general information on importing data to Pipedrive, please read this article.

Mapping multiple option fields

Note: To map a multiple option field, you will first need to make sure the multiple option type custom field is already created in your Pipedrive account. You can learn more about custom fields in this article.

In order to import a multiple option field, there is an extra step for you to map. When you have mapped the field itself ("Group Number" in the example below), click on it to expand and see the individual mapping of each field option from your spreadsheet.


Check to see if the options from your spreadsheet have been mapped correctly to the custom field options in Pipedrive. If they weren't mapped correctly, click and drag the correct options to their corresponding options from the spreadsheet.

Mapping addresses

There are two possible ways to include addresses in your spreadsheet when importing an organization's address field or an address type custom field.

Address fields in separate columns

When creating your spreadsheet, you can add your address with the different address fields separated into different columns.


Then, when mapping your fields, you can select the individual address fields from Pipedrive and match them with the fields in your spreadsheet.


Address in one field

Alternatively, you can add your address to one field, separating your items with a comma.


In this case, you can map the general address field to your spreadsheet column.


Pipedrive will attempt to geolocate your addresses using Google's Geolocation API. Please be aware that not all addresses will definitely be geolocated. You can learn more about how Google addresses should be formatted here. When addresses are geolocated in Pipedrive, they will appear in our Show on Map feature.

Mapping phone numbers

When importing your contact's phone number, you have the option to select the phone label you want to map to Pipedrive. If you have multiple phone numbers for a contact, you can map the phone field multiple times.

For example, if you would like to import contacts with a personal mobile phone number as well as a work phone, you can do so by adding the numbers in separate columns.


When mapping, you can click and drag the phone field multiple times. Once it has been mapped, click on the pencil icon to assign a label to that phone number type.


You can choose to label your phone numbers as Work, Home, Mobile, or Other.

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