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Contact detail view
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Contact detail view

Steven Reinartz, May 29, 2024
Note: During early release, admins in your company can enable this feature for themselves or all users from a person or organization detail view. If you have trouble enabling the feature, please contact our support team.

Much like the deal detail view, your contact detail view conveniently contains all the data relevant to your person or organization in one place.

Contact detail view

At first glance, the contact detail view offers a lot of information, including the section on the right where you can:

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Note: For a more detailed guide about detail view sidebar management, check out this article.

The sidebar section contains a wealth of pertinent information, which can be separated into two sections.

General data

Your sidebar has several sections that offer a general overview of your contact’s data.

  • Summary – always has the same four pieces of information: label(s), email address, phone number and linked organization/person
  • Details – you can choose any available fields, both default and custom, to display here
  • Overview – shows the activities created for the contact, as well as which users have interacted with it

Linked items

You can also find any linked leads, deals, contacts and projects in your sidebar.

Additionally, you can find Smart BCC links, marketing status and email campaign data in your sidebar.

Note: Smart contact data can be accessed via the sidebar by clicking ”show more“ when the window is collapsed. If you don’t see this option, check your sidebar sections to ensure it‘s visible.

Managing your sidebar

There are two ways to change the visibility or the order of your sidebar sections.

You can click the gear icon in the top right corner of your contact’s summary.

Note: The summary section of the sidebar can’t be moved or adjusted.


Under the History of your item, you can select the Changelog.

This gives you a detailed list of updates made to your contact, including when these changes were made and by which user.

Hover cards

In the detail view, you can hover your cursor over certain items and see a card with that item’s data.


Note: For more information about followers in Pipedrive, check out this guide.

You can add or remove followers from a contact, including yourself, using the dropdown in the top right corner of your screen.

To remove a follower, hover over their name and click the trash can.


The Focus section ensures the most important information is visible when you open your contacts.

Here, you can find your upcoming activities, as well as email drafts and pinned notes.

You can click the downward arrow next to Focus to collapse the menu and access your history quickly.


This section includes any updates made to a contact and is divided into sections for easy filtering.

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