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Contacts: people and organizations

Breandan Flood, July 18, 2022

Contacts are the people or organizations you're selling to using Pipedrive. In Pipedrive – and most things related to sales – you need a contact before you can do much else. All actions associated with these contacts in Pipedrive will be automatically tracked on the contact's specific detail view page.


People contacts are the specific customers that you are selling to from Pipedrive. These person contacts are the backbone of the sales process, and any information relating to each contact – like scheduled activities, or emails – will be tracked in the detail view of that person.

Note: If you need additional fields in your account – like job titles and mailing addresses – we suggest creating custom fields for that purpose.


Organizations act as larger collections of data in Pipedrive. All of the people related to an organization will be listed in its detail view, as well as any notes or activities performed in relation to any people/deals related to the organization.

  • Organizations are the companies that your people contacts work for and contain information like a mailing address or industry information.
  • Organizations can contain multiple people.
  • Organizations can have multiple deals open for them at the same time.
  • Organizations can be related to other organizations.
  • Organizations can be synced with contact provider, imported from a previous CRM, or imported from a CSV or XLS file.
Note: A person or organization can have multiple deals linked to them, however, a deal can only be linked to one person or organization at a time.

How to add contacts

People and organizations can be added to your Pipedrive account in several ways:

  • In the "Add deal" dialog box, which will create both a deal and a contact simultaneously:
    When creating a deal, either a person or an organization – or both! – will need to be provided.
  • In the list view of your people or organizations tab:
    This will create only one person or organization. When creating a person, you can either create a new organization to associate with that person or choose to associate that person's contact with an existing organization.
  • From within the detail view of a specific organization:
    Adding a person contact this way will associate this new person's contact with the organization you are currently viewing.
Note: For more information about how to link people and organizations together, you can look at this article.

Google Contacts sync

Your Pipedrive contacts can also be synced to a group in your connected Google Contacts account. Any updates to the information in Pipedrive will be reflected in Google Contacts, and any updates made in Google Contacts will also be reflected back in Pipedrive.
To learn more about how to enable your Google Contacts sync, click here.

Importing contacts

Admin users in the Pipedrive company account can also import a spreadsheet of contacts, bringing your existing contact list with you into Pipedrive.
To learn more about how to do so, we suggest starting here.

Labeling contacts

Your Pipedrive contacts can be categorized using the contact labels feature, to provide context as to what kind of customer they are to your company.
To learn more about contact labels in Pipedrive, click here.

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