Linking People and Organizations

Jenny Takahara, June 11, 2021

Linking an Organization to a Person

To link an organization to a person, go to a person contact's detail view and click on +Link an organization under the Organization card.


You can then search for the organization in your company Pipedrive account that you wish to link this person to, and click Link this organization.
If there is no organization with your search terms, you will be prompted to create a new organization contact.


Adding a new Person to an Organization

To add a new person to an organization, go to the Detail View of an organization and click on the '+' icon in the People card. You will be prompted with the add person modal, where you can enter the details of your new person contact.


Updating the linked Organization

To unlink, switch, or update the fields of a contact person's linked organization, go to the contact person's detail page and click on the '...' icon in the organization card.


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