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Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022
Note: The contacts timeline feature is only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

When selling, you may need to have a visual representation of the history of your activities with a specific contact. For that, you can use Pipedrive's contacts timeline view.

To go to the timeline view of your contacts page, go to your contacts tab and click on the "Contacts timeline" button. You will be able to switch between your people contacts and organizations in the toggle in the top-left corner.


When a contact is displayed in the contacts timeline, the activities associated with that contact are displayed on a horizontal line.
Clicking on an activity will provide a quick summary of the activity's name and when it was scheduled, and a reference to any deal that the activity was associated with.


To provide further context to the extended history you've had with your contacts, you can adjust the amount of time displayed in the contacts timeline.

To adjust that, click the calendar button and select the amount of time you wish to be displayed on this timeline.


If the timeline helps you to notice that a long time has passed since scheduling an activity with one of your contacts, you can quickly add an activity, deal, or note to that contact.

To assist you with noticing when it has been too long since you've last reached out to a specific customer, we suggest enabling follow-up frequency within the contacts timeline for your people or organizations.

To enable follow-up frequency, click on the pencil icon and toggle the feature on.

Once enabled, use the slider to set how often the contacts displayed in that list should be contacted – from weekly to annually.

When selected, the circular icon will change to display how many contacts require follow-up, based on your chosen parameter. Once you know how many contacts need your attention, you can begin scheduling activities, deals, or notes with those contacts.


To do so, click on the "+" button on the right side of the contact in the timeline view. Simply select which item you would like to add, provide the relevant details and click "Save".


You also have the option to bulk select your contacts in order to send group emails. To select the contacts you want to email, click on the checkboxes (to the left of the table) and the "Send group email" option will appear at the top of the page.


Within the contacts timeline, you can also filter through the displayed contacts, so that you are only seeing the information that is most relevant to you at any time. To learn more about how to filter in Pipedrive, click here.

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